Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Taiwan-derful Week with Blake

So after leaving Mirror, I had a week to spare before I needed to be back in Provo
So I figured why not stop by in Taiwan on the way home???
Luckily I have such an amazing mother that's willing to facilitate the visit

Cause besides wanting to visit this beautiful country, I'm not sure I could last another day without seeing this sweet boy!

This is Blake's church building
Love the sign.
Ok, so I totally slacked this week on pictures.
But it's not completely my fault!!
1. I was too happy to see Blake to care about pictures!
I promise though,
I will try not to slack again!
2. There was a massive typhoon. So it limited transportation, and caused most places to close down.
So naturally, to prevent boredom
we ate

He is such a sport
always willing to pose in a picture
even if it is the same pose for each... ;)

Taiwan has the BEST fruit I have ever tasted
In fact it has been crowned the fruit kingdom
See that fruit the size of his head? That's a mango.
So good!

This is the Taiwanese hot pot
Although more traditionally there would be one big pot and everyone would share
This individual nonsense is the Japanese style
Either way though,
it was delicious
It consisted of octopus, an array of different tofu, beef, and veggies

The man in the background is Blake's coworker Alex. 
We were very fortunate to have his coworkers treat us to dinner most of the nights I was there
I never met one even slightly rude Taiwanese

But anyways...
This is Blake and I enjoying our first dish of 
Lamb Bone Marrow Soup
Yes, you literally suck it out of the bone through a straw
I will explain the process.
The bones come in a broth
(hence the soup part)
You take one bone out and pour the broth into the bone hole/tube part
Take your straw and swirl it around so the marrow and the broth mix
and slurp up all the goods
you repeat the process until all of the marrow is gone
It was surprisingly very tasty
at this same sitting I also had lamb stomach
It was good, but the lining of the stomach has grooves on it that kinda freaked me out. 
I admire Asian cultures and how fearless they are with foods.

On my last night, the weather gods blessed me with a clear night
and I was able to go see the "Love River"
Which as you can see is beautiful

Sorry for the PDA
But we had to!
 It's called the LOVE river.

 Sadly enough
I left Taiwan the day of one of the biggest festivals of the year
The Dragon Boat Festival
Luckily they just happened to have a couple out and about while I was at the Love River
Very cool.
But anyways the festival originally started as a way to ward off evil spirits
but over the years it has transformed
now it is more of a day of remembrance for their patriot Chu Yuan
The story I was told was that Chu Yuan was a high member of the government who loved his country
he was honest and loyal to laws and the people of Taiwan
But one day he learned of his fellow government officials discrepancies
and offenses to the people of Taiwan
He felt so betrayed and hopeless that he threw himself in the river and drowned.
In response, the people of Taiwan show their love and respect for him by pouring rice into the rivers to keep the fish from eating and tampering with his body.

Along with eating and enjoying the Love River
We went shopping!

Blake worshipping and praying to the hipster gods. 
Just kidding.
But really we were both drooling a bit when we found these.
A huge selection of Lomography products
Lomography is the company that sells my precious Diana Mini

And went to a local night market
Had a bunch of carnival style games
so much fun
I loved Taiwan and hope that I can come back again someday 
and properly visit it

No matter where I go I cant seem to escape these...
I guess I just best be getting back home,
Bye bye Asia!
I will miss you.

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