Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Man, I feel like a woman...............

for every culture it's different..
Koreans are gifted with the three gifts of flowers, perfume, and a kiss. 
South Africans are embarrassed by their parents with baby photos.
And Balinese get their upper canines filed down to symbolize their effacing wild nature.
(My dental parents would be appalled if i suggested doing that!)

But, in the Walker family we have a very unique coming of age rite of passage.
And that would be a Blog.

I originally thought my first post would be about leaving home..
but, instead I feel it would be more appropriate to sum up the last four years of my childhood, which would be High School.
Conveniently enough, my senior project does just that....

Obviously, I just love the word whimsical :)

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  1. So glad I am your first comment and so happy you have joined the throng. Guess it is time for you to start reporting since you won't be here to be the topic of my blog anymore! Fly away little bird!